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Who Wore the Topshop Orange Wool Check Skirt Better?

Who Wore the Topshop Orange Wool Check Skirt Better?

  1. ayeteenagers answered: Perrie :)
  2. coolkidsdontdanc-e answered: i love perrie and ariana but…. def ariana
  3. cecilyforeverr answered: perri.
  4. unusually-alive answered: Perrie def
  5. i-am-happy-so-be-happy-with-me answered: Perrie
  6. yesnatasha2000 answered: PERRIE OBVIOUS♥
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  9. 1dandlmworld answered: Perrie. But Ariana looks good to ( the way she styled it)….Buut yeh i’d wear perrie’s
  10. consumable-thoughts answered: Arianna Grande
  11. cliffchords answered: Perrie!
  12. foxiuh answered: Perrie
  13. cafevibes answered: they’re both beautiful but i prefer ariana’s outfit.
  14. love-perrie4ever answered: pezza
  15. perrimalik answered: Pezza!
  16. bambambatman answered: perrie
  17. jerrycream answered: perrie
  18. partyegg answered: ari!
  19. wintergent answered: ariana obsly<33.
  20. whatdoyouloveinlife answered: Perrie! :) x
  21. glitternirvana answered: perrie
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    sorry Ariana is hotter